Case Study: Our Family Wizard


Website Redesign: A Professional Face for a Market Leader

When parents divorce or separate, the child often becomes the unwilling intermediary for communication. Our Family Wizard (OFW) is a mobile application for co-parenting exes that facilitates and tracks communication, helps coordinate child duties and stores important information. The app includes a shared calendar, messaging component (with a “read” stamp), school and medical information and an expense log. 

People are usually referred to the site by judges, attorneys and mediators during separation or divorce proceedings. Often a judge or mediator requires that the parents use the application to document any child-related communication. 

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is the market leader in their vertical, but they felt their website did not exhibit the gravitas, credibility and professionalism that it should. TEN7 had been working with Avirat (the parent company of OFW) since 2015, supporting the existing OFW site, and they hired us to completely make over their website in both content and form. We went through a complete discovery process to ensure we completely understood the needs and desires of the client before we launched into design and content strategy for the new site.

The site redesign focused on the following goals:

Focus the Site to Drive Signups

The entire purpose of the website is to get the site visitor to sign up for the service and download the app. The new site has been streamlined to focus on two clearly defined calls to action: learn more and get started/sign up. The new design also makes use of a persistent “sticky bar” on the homepage with these two prompts. 

Redesign the Site to Make it More Modern and Professional 

In describing the desired site look and feel, the client mentioned pharmaceutical sites. Pharma sites tend to have a very clean design, large images and clear messaging. But more than that, pharma sites serve two audiences: professionals (doctors) and users (patients). Our Family Wizard also needs to market to two distinct user groups with distinct needs. 

Whereas the old site had a very “default site” feel, the new site feels more alive. Our designer Eva Lovisa paid attention to details big and small—from adding bigger photos and hero images to creating a brand library of icons. She created a bold color scheme with a lot of blues which served two purposes: blues tend to be calming (for the stressed out parents) and dark navy blues tend to have a regal, legal feel (for the professional visitors). She implemented a varied text style palette, choosing more distinctive fonts and creating things like quote and bullet styles to add more visual interest to what could have become a boring text-heavy site.

We gave a lot of consideration to the home page flow. Whereas the old home page felt like a mishmash of information, the new homepage is composed of clean, modular “stripes” of information. This solution is more than just good-looking; the stripes are created using the Paragraphs module in Drupal. Paragraphs functionality puts power in the hands of page editors to create paragraph types for common scenarios (image to the left of text, pull quotes, slideshows, etc.) that can be easily moved and edited.

“Instead of one giant HTML palette to work from, [with Paragraphs] we can work in pre-made chunks that look good. We have a lot more flexibility. We have a few content writers on staff, and the pages they’ve been able to create—the whole look and feel compared to the way they were doing it before—the difference is night and day.”
—Jai Kissoon, Avirat CEO

The mobile app was being redesigned at the same time as the website, so both will have the same identity. However, the website was also designed to be responsive, so it looks great on mobile devices.

Consolidate Information and Make It More Searchable

As part of the redesign, we migrated the Drupal 7 site to Drupal 8. A site redesign or migration is a great time to take stock of the organization and usability of your content items. Although this is primarily a signup site, it also houses a library of helpful content and resources for co-parents. With a long-running site like OFW, there can be an overabundance of categories, taxonomies and tags for the hundreds of pieces of content, and this hinders content usefulness and searchability. In addition, content was scattered in multiple areas around the site. 

We thought about which tags and topics we wanted, which URL structures we needed to change, and made decisions about single or multiple tagging. Each blog article had copies in multiple languages, so we had to properly tag and move those over.

We consolidated the content categories down into a manageable set, which we hope will last them for many years. We sorted and grouped related information to make it more easily navigable. For example, content about using the app and site, regional resource directories and other evergreen content was moved to a new Knowledge Center, found only on the website. Additional articles are found in the site blog. 

“Working with TEN7 has been a good fit. Things have been straightforward and easy. Les [Lim, Senior Developer] is a wizard in his own right. It’s his attitude, more than anything—his ability to help us get to resolution we want, which is sometimes in conflict with what’s easiest. We’re very happy.”
—Jai Kissoon, Avirat CEO 

The new site launched in May of 2018.

Ivan Stegic

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