What We Learned Last Month #2

As part of being a distributed company, we've found that using Know Your Team on a regular basis helps us communicate outside of projects and tasks and deadlines. Every Friday we respond to the question “What’s something you figured out this week?” and here we’re collating our best of.



I learned how to work with json arrays to store and manage data efficiently in a database field.


I learned about Event Subscribers and how to intercept every request and do stuff to change responses that are sent for certain requests.


CSS Scroll Snap controls the location on a page the user scrolls to. This is helpful if a page has defined sections. The ten7.com site is an example of a site containing pages with sections where scroll snap may improve the UI.

<div class="page">
  <div class="snap"></div>
  <div class="snap"></div>

.page {
  scroll-snap-type: y;
.snap {
  scroll-snap-align: start;


When debugging email events in SendGrid [our cloud email provider], it's difficult to get the Activity log to show you exactly what happened when. It's easier to export the CSV version of the log and go through it that way. Also, SendGrid's knowledge base didn't tell me anything about cancelling deferred emails. But their chat support was prompt, fast, and helpful.


This week I figured out that Apache Solr configuration in Flight Deck was causing my local environment to be extremely slow. I had been dealing with the slowness for quite some time and thought it was just Docker on Mac, but it turns out we needed to make adjustments!

Ivan Stegic

Ivan Stegic

Words that describe Ivan: Relentlessly optimistic. Kind. Equally concerned with client and employee happiness. Bowtie lover. Physicist. Ethical. Lighthearted and cheerful. Finds joy in the technical stuff. Inspiring. Loyal. Hires smart, curious and kind employees who want to create more good in the world. His favorite things right now: the TEN7 podcast and becoming the next Björn Borg.