What We've Learned Lately - April 2020

We use an app called Know Your Team to get to know each other better. It periodically sends us questions, and on Fridays it asks, “What’s something you figured out this week?” It gently reminds us to think about the week that just happened and to reflect on what we’ve learned. People share anything from a life hack that everyone can use to a deep concept in Drupal that only a handful of people will appreciate. Here’s a selection of things we learned recently.


I learned that PhpStorm has "Paste from history" built in! The shortcut is Cmd + Shift + V. I've heard there are third-party apps for clipboard history but now I don't even need it within PhpStorm.

I didn't learn this but I'm typing it so i remember that I (almost) always want git revert not git reset. Reset moves the pointer. Revert creates a new commit undoing a specific commit. git revert, git revert, git revert.


I learned about the power of Drupal\Core\Condition\ConditionPluginBase and created a tool to restrict blocks to appear only on pages meeting some special group-based criteria.


The dataLayer component of Google Tag Manager was designed to be used not only by GTM but also by outside vendors, meaning third-party support is fundamental to the design!


When working with iMovie or GarageBand, source files must be uploaded from your local computer's drive and not Google Drive. These two apps do not play well with Google Drive.


I've been connecting all my Docker environments to a single MySQL instance running on my host machine, which has been working great. Being able to peek at or import a database without having to stand up that Docker stack is huge.


My favorite thing I figured out is JAMstack Conf has a YouTube channel.


k8s ingress does support wildcard and pattern paths, but it's not enabled by default. 

Ivan Stegic

Ivan Stegic

Words that describe Ivan: Relentlessly optimistic. Kind. Equally concerned with client and employee happiness. Physicist. Ethical. Lighthearted and cheerful. Finds joy in the technical stuff. Inspiring. Loyal. Hires smart, curious and kind employees who want to create more good in the world.