What Does Drupal Support Really Cost?

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Support Calculator Questions

What is this thing?
This is a tool that helps you calculate the total cost of hiring TEN7 to support and maintain your Drupal site.
How does it work?
You input your support needs on a Google spreadsheet and it tells you how much things cost. Simple!
How accurate is it?
100% accurate! This is the price we will charge you for the work you've selected. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
How do I get access to the cost calculator?
Enter your name and a valid email address on this page and we'll send you a custom link where you'll be able to select the options that work best for you.
What are some factors that influence cost?
Factors include the amount of website traffic you receive, how often you'd like us to apply security updates, how many flat-fee support requests you choose per month, planned production hours and so on.
What are some things I can do to reduce costs?
Consider a slower response time from us, 3 days instead of 2 hours; have us apply security updates quarterly instead of monthly; get ad hoc support requests. Reach out to us! We have lots of ideas on how to help.

Drupal Support and Maintenance

What types of support do you offer?
We offer a comprehensive range of services, including security updates, hosting, offsite backups, performance optimization, accessibility and governance monitoring, content operations and flat fee Care requests.
How does the flat fee request model work?
Buy a fixed number of requests per month at a discount (or go ad hoc) and get predictable monthly costs. You won't be surprised by hourly billing or unexpected fees.
How do I submit a support request?
By sending a message to our dedicated support email that is answered by real humans according to your chosen level of service.
What is your typical response time for support requests?
All requests that we receive are acknowledged by a support desk auto-response. You may select a 2 hour, 1 day or 3 day response time for your requests, depending on your budget.
How do you handle Drupal core and module updates?
We leverage Pantheon Multi-dev environments and Autopilot to thoroughly test any updates before pushing them to your live site.
What if I need emergency support outside of office hours?
We offer 24x7x365 emergency support as standard for critical issues. We trust our clients to use it responsibly.


Can you help me with Drupal performance optimization?
Yes, we can analyze your site's performance and implement optimizations to improve speed and user experience based on Lighthouse PageSpeed metrics. We offer ongoing maintenance and monitoring too!
Do you offer content updates and management?
Yes! We call this content operations where we can assist you with content updates, creation, and migration. Select it on the calculator.
Can you help me migrate my Drupal site to new hosting?
Absolutely! We have expertise in Drupal migrations and can seamlessly transition your site to a new environment. We recommend Pantheon.

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