Staff Interview: Jill Tutterrow, Developer

Staff interview with Jill Tutterrow, TEN7 developer.
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Jill Tutterrow

Former Front End Developer, TEN7

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When did you start at TEN7, and what were you doing prior to joining us?

Why did you accept the offer?

What does your daily routine look like now?

​What's your favorite part of the day?


IVAN STEGIC: Hello! You're listening to a TEN7 audio cast. We're here today for a team member interview with Jill Tutterrow, one of TEN7's developers. I'm Ivan Stegic, Founder and President of TEN7. Hey, Jill!


IVAN: How's it going?

JILL: It's going very well. How are you?

IVAN: I'm very fine. Thank you. Shall we jump right in?

JILL: Let's do it!

IVAN: Alright! So when did you start at TEN7, and please tell us what you were doing before jumping into the world of development?

JILL: I started in October of 2015. I was doing development on my own, just for fun. I was a teacher at a local high school for 15 years prior to this. I taught web design, I knew I wanted to do it full time –- that's how much I enjoyed it. So about 3 to 5 years before leaving teaching, I was doing studying on my own, practicing, about a hundred hours worth of classes, all in preparation for this.

IVAN: And you joined us a year and a half-- almost 2 years ago. Can you speak to why you accepted the offer we made you?

JILL: It was a very easy decision. I accepted the offer because TEN7 seemed like an honest place to work. I like the people. I like the environment. And, to be honest, I was exhausted from the disharmony of public education. The electives were being taken away from students. I had students literally crying and begging to let them stay in my class, and there's nothing I could have done about it and they were forced to take remediation classes to prepare for MCA test, which is not how education should be. So it was an easy switch, when I met everyone at TEN7, that was so refreshing. Everybody got along, decisions were made together, not top-down. I really like the structure.

IVAN: We love having you as being part of the team, Jill. So you're a developer, you write a lot of code,  that's a big part of your job description. What does your daily routine look like? I know it has likely changed since we became distributed earlier this year, but would you mind going through what a day looks like for you?

JILL: It has changed a lot over the past few years, I get to sleep in a couple hours. So what I do is I check JIRA, our management system, for our tasks and projects, see what's going on. I prioritize in my head what's most important and then get started. And it could be anything from doing a simple logo change on a website to making a template for a page and writing lots of code. I even do some photoshopping during my day so I get to use those skills sometimes, and that's fun too.

IVAN: What do you think is your favorite part of the day is?

JILL: Anytime I get to Zoom, our online meetings, or see a co-worker – it's my favorite part of the day. So like right now, this would be my favorite part of the day because I get to see one of my co-workers.

IVAN: I agree, that's my favorite part of the day as well, being able to connect in real time with the face and audio is definitely a highlight for me as well.

JILL: Yes, but I do enjoy working from home as well, that's definitely not a complaint. It's just an enjoyable part of the day to see somebody that is, you guys are all good people.

IVAN: Well, thank you so much, Jill, for your time. That brings us to the end of this audio cast. I'd like to thank you again for joining us. Please visit us at and keep an eye out on the TEN7 blog for future audio casts. This is Ivan Stegic, and thank you for listening.

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