Ivan Stegic: A Short Podcast Hiatus

The TEN7 Podcast is going on hiatus, we’ll be back in 2022 with a new look to the show. Stay tuned!
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Ivan Stegic


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After 123 Episodes, The TEN7 Podcast is taking a short hiatus.

This is a natural evolution timed to coincide with the launch of our new website.

The podcast will return with a new name but the same commitment to storytelling.

We are passionate about finding unique voices and stories that speak both to our shared experiences and to the uniqueness each individual brings to the world.


IVAN STEGIC: Hey everyone, you're listening to The TEN7 Podcast where we get together every fortnight, and sometimes more often, to talk about technology, business and the humans in it. I'm your host, Ivan Stegic.

Over the last 123 episodes, we’ve gone from calling this podcast an “audiocast” and only dedicating 5 minutes to each episode, to spending over half an hour hearing the origin stories of people like J Kenji Lopez-Alt and Matt Martin. Each of these episodes have been delightful for me to host and I’ve learned a great deal not only about myself and each of my guests in the process, but on how to produce a podcast.

If you’re a subscriber to our newsletter, you’ll know that we’ve been working on TEN7’s mission to Make Things That Matter by clarifying how we talk about ourselves and what we do. We’ve invested in ourselves by focusing on our own brand, our own positioning and on a new website. I’ve been writing about the process on a monthly basis, and as we move into the next and final phase before launch, it feels like the right time to take a hiatus with the podcast. We’re looking forward to launching our new site in October and with that a revamped podcast.

I promise, we’re not going on a hiatus only not to return. We’re going on hiatus to clarify our work, to focus on the future, and to leave some room between what is now, and what will be.

We’ll return with a new name, back to our fortnightly schedule, in October. Until then, go outside… look up at the sky, and think about the other eight billion people you share this planet with. Think about all the stories that are out there and how each of them matters.

Until next time, this is Ivan Stegic. Thank you for listening.


This is Episode 124 of The TEN7 Podcast. It was recorded on July 27, 2021 and first published on August 4, 2021. Podcast length is three minutes. Summary, highlights and editing by Brian Lucas. Music by Lexfunk. Produced by Jonathan Freed.

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