Mission Driven, Client Centered, Drupal Focused

Founded in 2007, we've earned a reputation for making our clients’ lives easier with what we do.
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Well, Hello There!

We are a fully-remote, values driven digital development agency with a team of talented, hard working individuals committed to making clients’ lives easier. We love collaboration. We tackle difficult problems and we celebrate success. Our mission is to Make Things That Matter.

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Why Choose Us? We Are...

Living Our Values, Every Day

Teamwork, honesty, openness, inclusivity and mindfulness all contribute to better partnership and better results. TEN7 is committed to leading with empathy and bringing these values to everything we do.

Partnering For Client Success

We view every client relationship as a true collaboration. We make their goals our goals. Listening, engaging and working together is our proven formula for success.

Offering Leadership and Expertise

With decades of combined experience working with Drupal, our developers have the ability to find elegant and effective solutions for any client need.

Giving Back to Make a Difference

Whether it’s through our commitment to open source, our work on Computing for COVID, or our support and advocacy around important issues facing the world, TEN7 is committed to giving back and making a positive difference in the world.

Creating a Welcoming Workplace

We are fierce advocates for diversity and inclusion. This includes being vocal advocates for eliminating the use of racist terminology, advocating for criminal justice reform, and encouraging increased diversity across the technology sector.

Bringing Positivity to Everything

We enjoy our work and want our clients to enjoy partnering with us. That’s why we prioritize positivity, respect and camaraderie among our team members and in our interactions with those around us.

Love from our clients

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Hear from Emma

They’re great troubleshooters. If something weird comes up they’re enthusiastic about getting to the bottom of it and figuring it out quickly. They’re very reliable and easy to work with. They’re actually really fun to work with too, which is great.

Emma Wilhelm, Director of Global Marketing SageGlass
Emma Wilhelm
Director of Global Marketing at SageGlass
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Hear from Eric

If you want to work with somebody who cares about why they do what they do, and cares about you and your purpose, then you should consider working with TEN7. They will help you. Your interests are their interests.

Eric Zakovich, Owner Long Run Leadership
Eric Zakovich
Founder at Long Run Leadership
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Hear from Jennifer

So, being able to pivot, to be able to have fun, to be able to work with good people is always very important to me. And I feel like we can have really open communication. We keep adjusting as we go. So, I feel like this is a nourishing relationship, and that we're able to continually grow from both sides as we work together.

Jennifer Sly, Manager, Minnesota Historical Society
Jennifer Sly
Manager at MNHS

Let’s work together.

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