Our Mission Make Things That Matter

We are a fully-remote, values driven UX and Drupal development agency headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota whose mission is to Make Things That Matter. We are driven to bring the best of ourselves in everything we do. Whether it’s strategic thinking with clients, designing and developing websites, providing long-term support and training, or using our time and talents to try to make the world a better place, we are committed to living our values and helping our clients achieve their goals.

Our Values

Be Honest
We speak as candidly, openly, and honestly as possible. We endeavor to be empathetic and connect with those around us. By speaking plainly, we can encourage clear and honest communication. We aspire to start from a position of trust, rather than fear; humility, rather than arrogance; and respect, rather than wariness.
Be Inclusive
We recognize that our collective differences make us stronger. Our openness and diversity of ideas and backgrounds allows us to think more widely, cover more ground, and provide stronger solutions that matter to a larger audience. We hope to remain open minded, collecting diverse ideas and perspectives before synthesizing, editing, adapting, and focusing our ideas. More importantly, we seek our common humanity, which allows us to connect and collaborate together.
Be Open
By working in the light, we tend to write better code, create better business practices, and be more equitable with one another. Thus, openness and transparency make us stronger and provide patterns and solutions that others can build on. We choose to be open by default. We opt for transparency. Sharing is an act of gratitude and tends to perpetuate that act. Open is inclusive. Open encourages trust. Open is good.
Take Pride Minnesota
Be Mindful
Choose to be present, curious, and vulnerable. We want to create a culture where it is safe to be vulnerable, and admit your difficulties, differences, and confusion so that we may learn from one another and become better together. Choose to listen. Try to hear others’ perspectives and ideas. It is easy to close ourselves off from one another, but we want everyone to have a voice. We need to hear one another and stay present with our ideas. Ideas are important. Intention is important. Your voice is important.
Be a Team
We recognize that our collective effort is more than just the sum of its parts. By sharing our ideas, learning from one another, and supporting one another, we become stronger both individually and collectively. By opting for trust first, we try not to create an “us” and “them” atmosphere. By opting for openness first, we want to encourage collaboration in all things. It is our goal to empower not only our clients, but each other as well – so that we can be the best we can be and take pride in creating amazing work for our clients.
Our Promise We Lead With Empathy

Good, meaningful work begins with empathy. At TEN7 our first step is to listen and understand your mission, your audience, and how your website can connect them together. From there we lead with empathy. Empathy for your team and for those you serve. Empathy for your site's visitors, including those with special needs who may use screen readers or have hearing impairment. Empathy for those who have an old computer or slow internet. We appreciate the uniqueness of each individual while also remembering what brings us together as a community.

We will lead your project with empathy, taking into account each of the humans using your new site, in every way.

Let’s work together.

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