Hi, my name is Megan Glover and I am the Director of Growth at TEN7. My day-to-day job is focused on sales prospecting and also some marketing, with the ultimate goal of growing the business in a steady and sustainable way.

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A good Director of Growth is someone who is able to keep the mission and values of the company every day in their work. Because growth can mean a lot of different things, and it can quickly become something that is all about the bottom line and nothing else.

So a good Director of Growth, in my opinion, would be someone who can balance the needs of the business with the importance and strength of fulfilling the actual mission and values that the business has set forth.

I arrived at TEN7 in an interesting way. I had been working for a company that was actually a client of TEN7 for a number of years. And so I got to know Ivan and Dani and several other members of the TEN7 team closely over my years at this previous company. And forged a really great relationship with them, and fell in love in a lot of ways with what the company stood for, and how they so elegantly brought their mission and values to life in each interaction that I had with them.

So I was always very inspired by TEN7, and ultimately that's what led me to reach out and to apply for this job.

Growing up I was really interested in creative pursuits. So I loved music, and I loved arts, and I loved being able to let my mind wander. I'm still incredibly passionate about music. It's what I started doing from such a young age, playing piano at age five and listening to my dad's old records.

There was always music in our household. And I now have a household that also has music playing in it. And I always have music playing when I'm out on a walk or driving in my car. It's just an integral part of my life.

Another thing that I really found myself interested in was being a leader. I did pursue a very creative path for a long time in my life as a musician. But I always identified that there was this strong drive in myself to lead, to manage, to be a leader. And I think ultimately that drive was what led me to the job I'm in today.

A good day would be one in which I work very collaboratively with the other members on the leadership team, where we're bouncing ideas off one another, and we're making decisions that have real valuable impact in the company's longterm growth.

And probably I would be remiss if I didn't say like winning a proposal. That's a pretty fun day. And it happens sporadically because not every day you're going to win a deal. But when you do, it is the culmination of the hard work that you've put in with your colleagues. And that always feels really good.

It actually makes my job a lot easier knowing that TEN7 has strong values and strong beliefs and takes a stance and is not afraid to publicly say, "We don't think that's right." Sometimes you just put things out there because they're important to you. And for me, that has been really inspirational.

That strength in speaking your truth is incredibly valuable as a Director of Growth. We're going to attract people back that want to be part of that sphere, that want to do work that promotes the greater good.

And yes, does that mean we'll lose some business along the way? It does, but to me that's business that probably isn't really what we necessarily want to align ourselves with. And that's ok.

I was always drawn to TEN7 because of the quality of the thought leadership that was being put out there. And as a Director of Growth, that doesn't necessarily only mean more revenue. It means a lot of things. It means figuring out a way to sustainably hire people. And it means attracting talent that is going to be a long-term fit at our company.

All of this kind of adds up to a position that really thrives when I and TEN7 are able to be our truest, most authentic selves.

Make Things that Matter to me means contributing to the greater good. It means prioritizing our shared humanity over something more polarizing. It means being proud of what you do each day and knowing that you're making someone's life a little bit better.

TEN7 absolutely gives me the opportunity every day in my work to Make Things That Matter

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