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We’re looking for smart, empathetic problem solvers to be a part of a team driven to Make Things That Matter.
TEN7 Team Meeting

Remote Work, Great Benefits, and a Culture of Teamwork

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We are open and empathetic. We are a team. And we might be looking for you!

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Why Work With Us?

Guided By a Mission

Work is most rewarding when it makes the world a better place. Our mission serves as a guide, helping us attract clients who share our values and allowing us to put together a team that is driven to make a difference.

Our Most Valuable Asset, You

Whether it’s health benefits, technology stipends, professional development or sabbaticals, we believe investing in our team members is the best way to build a healthy and thriving business.

Fully Distributed, Since 2017

TEN7 was a fully distributed company long before companies were forced to open up to the idea due to the pandemic. We’ve been careful and deliberate, adopting a variety of tools to assist productivity and foster collaboration and teamwork.

Creating Opportunities For Growth

Our clients present unending opportunities to solve complex problems. We don’t settle for existing boundaries, we push ourselves to take on challenges and come up with creative and exciting solutions.

We Are Good Global Citizens

We are committed to promoting clean practices, combating climate change, and finding ways to support the health and safety of the global community.

Supporting Professional Growth

We encourage team members to continue expanding their skill sets and to pursue new interests. That’s why provide financial support to allow team members to identify and participate in educational opportunities.

Our Values
  • Be Honest
  • Be Inclusive
  • Be Open
  • Be Mindful
  • Be a Team

Key Benefits

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
Available to all employees and their families to promote health and wellness. We work with nationwide carriers to ensure coverage for everyone.
Each year, TEN7 is closed for 5 paid holiday days and from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day. Employees are given this paid time off.
Paid Time Off (PTO)
Full-time employees start with 13 days of annual paid time off, and more for every year of service.
Personal Wellness Time
In addition to PTO, employees also receive six Personal Wellness days each year to support physical and mental health.
We offer a paid sabbatical leave of 4 weeks to full-time TEN7 employees for every four years of employment.
Upon hire, employees can opt in to our 401(k) plan that has a 4% match, and no vesting period. All managed through our partner Guideline.
Professional Development
To encourage lifelong learning and growth, employees receive a $1,500 annual stipend and two additional paid days off to use towards a conference or an educational experience.
Technology Stipend
To ensure all team members have the right tools to do their job, TEN7 provides $900 annually for work-related services, technology or office equipment.
Carbon Offset
In keeping with our values, TEN7 purchases Renewable Energy Bundles and Employee Water Bundles for every full-time team member on a quarterly basis.

Love from our people

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Hear from Dani

Anyone who starts working for TEN7, Ivan's the first person you meet. And it's very clear immediately.  You can feel like, "Okay, this is good energy. This is a good person. This is somebody who really wants to help people."

Dani Adelman
Director of Operations at TEN7
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Hear from Lex

I like working on projects that mean something. We're more of a partnership rather than we're just hired to do this thing. We're not just a service. Many of our clients we've had long term relationships with. I like that.

Lex Vasquez
Director of Development at TEN7
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Hear from Brian

Make Things That Matter is more than a slogan on a website. It really does dictate how TEN7 operates, and the values that they have, and what they like to bring to the clients. And so I think being part of that has been really rewarding.

Brian Lucas
Writer at TEN7
Wondering what it's like to work with us?

Reach out! We’re always up for meeting new people.