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Addressing Client Needs with Innovation that Works

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Innovating to Solve Customer Needs

Solhem Companies builds beautiful, sustainable communities that people love. TEN7 has been their partner from the beginning, creating a website that helps people explore and connect to find the perfect place to call home.

What We Did

The Challenge

Solhem Companies approached TEN7 to create a website that goes beyond basic information delivery. They wanted innovative online tools to encourage people to explore and connect.

TEN7 worked closely with the Solhem team to create a valuable tool to both educate and inspire potential residents.

Our Solution

TEN7 built Solhem’s very first website in 2009 and has been working with them ever since. Over the years we have been able to evolve the site and innovate to meet the real-world needs of customers and the staff. Using insight from the Solhem team, we have developed tools and experiences to assist potential customers, creating easy ways to help people explore everything Solhem offers.

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Develop a Drupal site to meet the needs of a dynamic business

When Catherine and Curt Gunsbury started Solhem Companies, they reached out to their longtime friend, TEN7 CEO Ivan Stegic, to ask about building a website. That first Drupal site has evolved and grown with the company, adapting and innovating based on feedback from the Solhem team.

Inspire potential residents to explore the various Solhem communities

Beyond simply providing information, the Solhem site needs to inspire people to want to be a part of the Solhem community. In an effort to give visitors a better feel for what it’s like to live at the various Solhem properties, TEN7 built an Instagram module.

This tool allowed Solhem to crowdsource content and helped inspire potential renters with a peek “behind the curtain” at Solhem properties. The Instagram integration was groundbreaking at the time it was launched, and has now become a more mainstream practice for rental properties.

Solhem web page
Solhem web page
Solhem web page
Solhem web page
Solhem web page
Solhem web page

Allow visitors to schedule a tour online

Inspired by insight gained from Solhem staff, TEN7 developed a tool to allow people to go online, schedule and confirm tours at any Solhem property. At the same time, this tool seamlessly captures potential client information and feeds it into Solhem’s Customer Relationship Management system. 

The online scheduling proved to be so successful, it cut the back-and-forth email work of the sales team in half, allowing them to focus on other types of client engagement.

Love from the client

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Hear from Megan

A big way that Ivan and Dani made my life easier was just being so available. I don't think I've ever had to wait on an email longer than 30 minutes from either one of them, which is just insane. If anything, I feel bad that they had to wait on me so often. They obviously always put their clients front and center.

Megan Glover, TEN7 Director of Growth
Megan Glover
Former Director of Marketing at Solhem Companies