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Elevating a Squarespace Site

When Eric Zakovich founded Long Run Leadership Consulting in 2018, he built his own website using Squarespace. It worked, but he never felt that the site accurately represented him and his mission. So he turned to TEN7 for help.   


What We Did

The Challenge

As a leadership consultant, Eric Zakovich spends his days elevating the skills and confidence of his clients. But when he started his own business, Long Run Leadership Consulting, the website he built did not leave him feeling confident in the way he was presenting himself and his mission.

Eric asked TEN7 to help him upgrade the look, feel and functionality of the Long Run Leadership website. While we specialize in Drupal, after discussing Eric’s needs we decided Squarespace was probably the best fit for his business. So we got to work helping him revise and improve his existing site.


Our Solution

After deciding to move forward with a Squarespace upgrade, TEN7 conducted a series of meetings to clarify Eric's long term vision for the website and how to best support his business needs. This included “homework” assignments to get him to think through the audience, content, look and feel of the site. 

Once the clear direction was established, we moved forward upgrading both the function and the content of the Long Run Leadership Consulting website. The end result was an aesthetic and an ease of use that gave him more confidence when he was sending his site to potential clients.


Long Run Leadership Consulting web page with mobile image insert

Improve the functionality of the existing Squarespace website

The initial Long Run Leadership website was simply put together to “check the box” as Eric started his business. TEN7 was able to take his initial site and elevate the way it functioned across different platforms. We made sure the pages worked, provided easy navigation for users, and were simple enough for Eric to be able to maintain and update the pages going forward.

Long Run Leadership Consulting web page
Long Run Leadership Consulting web page
Long Run Leadership Consulting web page
Long Run Leadership Consulting web page
Long Run Leadership Consulting web page
Long Run Leadership Consulting web page

Revisit the strategy of the site to reflect their mission

One of the benefits of updating a website is the opportunity to re-think the content and ensure the site is telling the right story to support your mission and goals. 

TEN7 conducted numerous work sessions with Eric to re-evaluate the content and to make strategic suggestions to focus the work on the site's key audience: potential clients. The result was a site more in keeping with Eric’s brand and values, and more attractive to his leadership clientele.

Love from the client

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Hear from Eric

If you want to work with somebody who cares about why they do what they do, and cares about you and your purpose, then you should consider working with TEN7. They will help you. Your interests are their interests.

Eric Zakovich, Owner Long Run Leadership
Eric Zakovich
Founder at Long Run Leadership