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The Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota website plays a critical role in their important mission. TEN7’s support helps users easily connect with the services they need.

What We Did

The Challenge

After working with another agency to redevelop their old site in Drupal, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) realized they needed a long-term relationship with an agency that had the technical skills and expertise to not only fix ongoing bugs on their site but also to evolve the site to meet future needs. 

LSS has a large network of websites that they need to maintain and manage. Finding a partner that could keep everything running smoothly, while also adding new features and capabilities was a top priority. They turned to TEN7 to address those needs and to ensure their website would support their mission and goals.

Our Solution

Due to the large number of bugs on their existing website, TEN7 started with a complete audit of the site to quickly address pressing concerns about functionality. From there we worked closely with the client to provide ongoing support and to understand future needs.

We also established a smooth process for collaboration to be sure we were quickly addressing the highest impact issues and goals.

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Identify and fix significant bugs on their existing Drupal site

When TEN7 first started working with LSS, they presented a list of 35 to 40 significant bugs in their existing Drupal site. In an effort to quickly address these issues, we conducted a site audit to uncover basic issues and fixes that we could immediately address.

From there we worked with the client on a clear, systematic approach to prioritize the issues and get them resolved.

Support new website security and programming initiatives

After initial functionality issues were addressed, LSS identified some priority projects for site improvement.

The first was related to concerns about security and stability. We partnered with LSS to develop an ongoing plan to keep the LSS site updated and secure, reducing downtime and improving the user experience.

From there we moved to the second priority, adding functionality to help people explore and engage LSS services. Working closely with the client, TEN7 developed a “contact directory” to help people browse services offered throughout Minnesota. 

LSS offers dozens of service areas ranging from adoption to financial counseling to Meals on Wheels. TEN7 created an easy-to-use tool allowing people to enter their zip code and search for services that they can access for in-home support, by visiting a nearby location, or through a virtual visit. After launching this new tool, LSS reported that they received more than 25,000 visits over the course of one year.

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota web page
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota web page
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota web page
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota web page
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota web page
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota web page

Partner on a smooth upgrade to Drupal 9

When the Drupal 9 upgrade was announced, TEN7 worked with LSS to put together a comprehensive plan to make the process as smooth and painless as possible.  

We decided to upgrade our own TEN7 website first, so we could learn from the process and share those experiences with all of our clients. Once we did that, we teamed with LSS to develop a step-by-step plan, budget and timeline for their site.

We took on the upgrade in stages to avoid any potential downtime during the transition. We also provided regular updates to help the LSS team communicate clearly each step of the way.

Love from the client

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Hear from Tom

They have a lot of customers in the nonprofit and education spaces. And I do think it's really helpful when you have a web services firm that is familiar with the kind of work you're doing, and really passionate about that kind of work.

Tom Lany, Lutheran Social Service
Tom Lany
Digital Marketing Manager at Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota