Strengthening Virtual Connections with Customers

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Creating a Meaningful Online Experience

After a thorough audit of the SageGlass website, TEN7 helped improve the performance of the existing site while planning for the future. TEN7 also developed a “virtual tour” to help the company connect with potential customers who were unable to visit due to the pandemic.

What We Did

The Challenge

When SageGlass was looking for a new website partner, they needed someone with Drupal expertise to keep their site running smoothly while also elevating the experience for customers. The COVID-19 pandemic combined with a looming Drupal update required quick and creative action to ensure the website was supporting current business goals and preparing for future needs.

Our Solution

Understanding the importance of a smooth transition, TEN7 met with SageGlass’ outgoing web agency to make sure there was no gap in service for the company’s global platform. Once we were up and running, we conducted a thorough audit of the website to prioritize short and long-term goals.

Given the impact of COVID-19 on travel, SageGlass was particularly interested in creating an online experience to help customers understand their unique culture and their state-of-the-art facilities. We worked quickly to develop a “virtual tour” of the company and then turned our focus to laying the groundwork for a new website timed around a Drupal 9 upgrade.

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Audit existing site for strengths and weaknesses

Part of managing a website is understanding how it was built and what needs to be shored up to keep things running smoothly. TEN7 has a comprehensive audit process that allows us to see what is working well, what needs to be fixed, and what will need to be addressed in the future.

Our audit of the SageGlass website revealed some needed maintenance and improvements that we were able to address quickly. It also allowed us to put together short and long-term priorities for the evolution of the site.

Develop a “virtual tour” of the factory for customers

As the global pandemic shut down travel, SageGlass was stripped of one of its greatest selling points: getting potential customers to visit their facilities for a better understanding of the company. In an effort to adapt, they decided to pursue a virtual alternative to their on-site tours. TEN7 was able to help make that vision a reality.

Partnering with the SageGlass team, we created a web portal featuring video tours and interviews with company leaders. The resulting interactive experience showcased the company’s product innovation, efforts around sustainability, and leading-edge manufacturing facilities. This includes a 360-degree camera allowing people to see the different sections of the manufacturing floor. 

The virtual tour has already produced multiple leads and has generated new sales despite the pandemic. SageGlass will continue to use the tour post-pandemic as a compelling business development tool.

SageGlass web page
SageGlass web page
SageGlass web page
SageGlass web page
SageGlass web page
SageGlass web page

Lay the groundwork for a Drupal 9 upgrade

Long-term, SageGlass is looking at the next Drupal upgrade as an opportunity to launch a new website. To prepare, we are working with their marketing team to gather feedback on the website from a wide variety of stakeholders. This includes work on clarifying the many different customers and audiences the site serves, ranging from existing and prospective customers to potential employees.

The groundwork that we’re laying now will help us develop a plan for the new website that will be focused, effective, and true to the mission and values of SageGlass.

Love from the client

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Hear from Emma

They’re great troubleshooters. If something weird comes up they’re enthusiastic about getting to the bottom of it and figuring it out quickly. They’re very reliable and easy to work with. They’re actually really fun to work with too, which is great.

Emma Wilhelm, Director of Global Marketing SageGlass
Emma Wilhelm
Director of Global Marketing at SageGlass