Dani Adelman she/her

Director of Operations
Portland, OR

Dani has enjoyed making other people's lives easier and happier for decades. And that's why being our Director of Operations suits her perfectly. Her varied background in the realms of publishing (as a writer/editor) and creative agencies (as a multi-media producer) help her keep an eye on clients' greater vision, while also being able to coordinate details and keep "the trains running on time." Outside of TEN7, she's either traveling, cooking or at the movies. 

A Passion for People Operations

My ultimate motivation in everything I do is helping other people, making other people's lives easier and happier. That's my ultimate motivation. And I get to do that every day with clients, with TEN7 employees. I love when I know that I've helped one of our developers get something they need. Or just make their job easier, so that they can actually do their job, and they don't have to worry about all of the other stuff outside of it that needs to happen in order for them to do their job. 

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In Dani's own words