Ivan Stegic he/him

Ivan Stegic has always been driven by purpose. Growing up in South Africa, moving to Minnesota, and eventually founding TEN7, Ivan has forged his own path with a goal to make the world a better place.

A physicist by training, Ivan moved to the United States after college, working long hours in research and engineering roles. He burned out, realizing he was spending too much time and energy at work and not enough with his family.

He decided to make a change, letting passion be his guide. He knew he liked working online, solving problems, and making connections. He started doing website development projects for clients, ended up hiring some team members to help, and TEN7 was born!

Ivan lives in Minneapolis with his wife, kids and two dogs. He’s a huge Minnesota Twins fan; a relentless ambassador for technology, science, and common sense; and an eternal optimist.

At TEN7, Ivan is a purveyor of positivity, working with clients and hiring team members who share his desire to Make Things That Matter.

A Relationship Tree

These websites and these experiences we build aren't about just making a website and moving ahead. It's about the people that experience the site. It's about the people that produce the site. It’s about the clients that are involved. It's about the relationships that we have with each other.

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In Ivan's own words