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I often talk about the importance of “leading with empathy” in everything we do. If we’re going to Make Things That Matter we need to understand what is important to our clients, where their pain points are, and what success will look like now and into the future. That’s how we establish trust and it’s how we deliver on our promises.

For this reason, our value, Be Mindful, is critical to our success. You simply can’t “lead with empathy” if you are not mindful of the people you are working for and with.

Be Mindful is an all encompassing value. It speaks to an approach that goes beyond building websites or managing a team. It is a guide for how you engage with the world around you. We need to be curious, vulnerable, and understanding in all of our interactions and considerations.

I am passionate about this value because it influences how we interact as a team, how we partner with clients, and our consideration of those who will be using the websites we build. Strategy, content, design and accessibility are all driven by a mindful approach.

While Be Mindful is core to what we do, it’s also a value that requires intention and sometimes it can take you out of your comfort zone. We choose to be curious. We don’t put up fronts and pretend that we have all the answers. Every voice has value, so we encourage people to share their ideas and we truly listen to what they have to say. It’s not always the easy approach but we believe it is the right thing to do.

The success we have had as a team would not be possible without this Be Mindful approach. It provides a foundation for healthy, sustainable relationships within our team, and with the clients we serve.