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Over the last several months, we have taken a deep dive into the TEN7 values, looking at why they are important and how they help us achieve our goals. For each value, we had our team members write about what that value means to them and how it impacts their work with each other and for our clients.

This month we’re looking at the last of our TEN7 values, Be a Team, but as you can see from the way we have approached this series, our team is central to who we are and what we do. TEN7 isn’t a top-down enterprise. What makes us unique is that we understand good ideas can come from anywhere, our success depends on everyone, and we have a responsibility to look out for and support each other along the way.

By sharing our ideas and learning from each other, we become stronger. We work better together. Our mental health improves and we deliver better work. We lead with empathy and we work hard to make sure the world is not “us” and “them.” We’re in it together with the rest of our TEN7 team and with our clients.

Be a Team fits right in line with the other values we have explored (Be Inclusive, Be Honest, Be Open, Be Mindful) in that it is grounded in empathy and respect. We work hard to live up to our best selves everyday and I am grateful to have a team that has taken ownership of these values, helping us grow stronger together in our commitment to Make Things That Matter.