My name is Jason Cote. I am a front end developer. The front end is the part of the website that users see. So, a lot of my work is making things look good. So, when you come to a website and interact with it, it makes sense and everything's in its place and looks good and acts how you think it's supposed to.

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So, the skills would be understanding expectations of users on a website. What things should look like. Where they expect things to be? making sure a button looks like a button and people understand that it is a thing that you click on.

Earlier on I did marketing, social media marketing and things like that. And some of that touched on technology, like email marketing, coding emails, and working on the website for the company, and all of that. So that made me get interested in the technological part of it.

I like that it’s more concrete. There's problems and solutions and it's not always a direct path but there’s most times a solution to the problem that you're looking for and you just have to find it. There's usually a pretty solid end goal that you can get to. And I guess I'm more of a concrete thinker in that way. Whereas the marketing side of things just was more abstract.

I guess the general goal is that the website gets out of the way, and it just allows people to do the thing that they came to it to do, whether it's find information, or order food or order things online. I suppose when it's good, people don't notice and don't care. When it's bad it can be really frustrating. So yeah, people don’t notice the good work that we do.

The pleasure for me is that it works and also fighting and making it work. So, the technical challenges are as fun as an end product. Probably more so I guess in my case.

That’s the beautiful thing about this role, or this job. working in programming in general, is that you build knowledge and the problems that were difficult before become easier as you face them again.

I didn't know much about TEN7, but I had connections there.

They recommended it to me as a good place and I gave it a shot and turns out it was a great place.

They were open to giving me time to ramp up right as an intern. I'm there to learn and get my feet wet, but also contribute. And so, as you transition into a role like this, it's having the space to learn stuff. And Ivan is really great about giving me time and projects that were kind of perfect for my ability at the time, to ramp me up and help me become better.

It's a great company that really cares for the work that they do and the employees that they have. And that's huge. That makes a huge difference.

Going remote or becoming a distributed company, for me, wasn't a very difficult transition.

But the great thing about being distributed is that I get more time with my family. I've got a daughter, she's around. I see her more in the morning, and at night and throughout the day. So, it's been great all around here.

The mission at TEN7 is a huge part of why I stick around. I don't want to work for a company that doesn't care, or only cares about money or business. So it's a bigger worldview and makes me feel better, for sure, working here.

it feels like the clients that we bring on, we try to make sure that they have a cultural fit or clients that we want to work with long term. And so, when you can build a relationship with the clients that you work with, it just makes the relationship better, it makes the work go better. I think it makes the end product better because you can all coordinate and communicate happily.

The idea of Making Things that Matter in the mission itself it’s choosing people to work with and projects to work on that contribute positively to the world instead of the opposite.

I think the clients that I work with definitely fit under the mission of Making Things that Matter. One, they're all just great people to work with. They're great clients. And the missions of their organizations are positive as well. So, from my perspective, it's a great fit on both sides.

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