Jason Cote he/him

Front-End Architect
Minneapolis, MN

For Jason Cote, a website’s style and substance have to go hand in hand. As a front-end developer, Jason is passionate about making sure every element of a website looks good and performs the way users expect. After starting his career as an interactive marketing specialist, Jason was drawn to the concrete, problem-solving side of website development.

He joined TEN7 as an intern and quickly moved to a full time role more than eight years ago. Jason loves the remote work environment at TEN7 because it allows him more time at home with his family. He also appreciates the opportunity to be part of an organization that prioritizes doing work that makes a positive contribution to the community.

Building Good Websites

That's the beautiful thing about this role or this job working in programming in general is that you build knowledge, and the problems that were difficult before become easier as you face them again. 

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In Jason's own words