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Hi, my name is Kelly Auxier, and I am a project manager here at TEN7.

I believe a project manager really is an advocate for everyone on the project. They have to be there to support the client and make them feel confident and excited about our journey and the product we're going to build together. They also have to support the development team and everyone here at TEN7, who's working to build this product for the client.

And so, I really feel responsible for everyone and making sure that we are all excited and happy about the journey we are on together.

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So, I was working as a digital communication strategist at the University of Minnesota. And one of my biggest projects was redesigning their entire college website. And I knew I needed support.

I reached out to a couple companies and had interviews with all of them and I really felt that TEN7 would be a good partner with me. It was very important to me that they would work alongside me. They would not come in and tell me what should be done, but that they would listen to what I wanted and what I felt was a good direction for their digital strategy. And that they would help me work through that and give me either the confidence or the understanding I needed to polish that and to present that to leadership and move that project forward. So that's something I extremely valued as a client and try again to carry that over in my role now as project manager.

My career path has been probably a very zig zaggy one. I went to the University of Minnesota and studied art history. I am extremely passionate about that field. I've always been artistic. And the history just gets me excited inside. But I learned really early in my education that I liked talking to people more about what got them excited about that painting, or that sculpture, rather than sitting behind a book and digging into the historical specifics of any one piece. So, after I finished my bachelor's, I pursued a master's degree in Strategic Communications.

I am a mother of two. So that is very much my life outside of work at the moment. I have a four-year-old and a two-year-old. My passions, the things I like to do in my free time if I get any, I've always been artistic. I love to draw. I love to paint.

I love being outside. I love taking my dog for walks, going for runs, going for hikes. Summer is my world right now. So, I love being outside and enjoying the outdoors.

Make Things That Matter to me means that our time here is valuable. And so how best do we use that time to make the greatest impact? And that impact can be both out in the world, making sure that we have a positive, meaningful impact on the world around us. But also, just helping our clients to realize their passion and what matters to them.

Having a mission, Make Things That Matter, helps you understand everything that you do throughout your day has some impact. And that you can wrap up your day or your week, knowing that you've moved that needle a little further and you've added a little bit more to the greater good.


This post is part of a series of segments we are calling, TEN7 - Behind the Scenes. They provide a peek behind the curtain of the work we do, showcasing the technical and creative energy that is the “secret sauce” of TEN7. These posts allow our team to showcase their passion, lessons they have learned, and some of the tips and tricks that only come from dedication to their craft.

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