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When people see Be Open listed among our TEN7 values, it makes immediate sense. As a technology studio with more than 100 years of combined Drupal expertise, one of our guiding principles is our support of Open Source. But software development is just a part of what Be Open really means at TEN7, and how it influences the work we do everyday.

Be Open means embracing new ideas and approaches. It requires an understanding that innovation can stem from anywhere, and everyone should be encouraged to contribute. When we are open, we are more apt to try new things, to learn from our mistakes, and then try again. To build on a classic phrase, fear of failure is not an option if you’re really going to Be Open to new possibilities.

There are many ways I see this value playing out at TEN7. Yes, our developers are passionate about contributing to the Drupal community, and we’re happy to support their time and efforts. Be Open also plays out as we freely share our Employee Handbook and Contractor Guide as open source and available to anyone on Github. Most importantly, I see this value on display in the conversations we have internally and with clients, embracing transparency to get everyone moving forward together!

I often say that we need to Be Open by default. If your culture and systems are not automatically inclined to openness, you will end up picking and choosing what to share and when. That’s the path to secrecy, and it’s why I’ve been a strong advocate for government transparency, especially in letting the public have access to data across the board so we can be better informed citizens.

Secrecy doesn’t build trust. It stifles creativity. It puts up barriers to progress. I am passionate about our value Be Open, and I am grateful for the way our team embraces and champions this value in our interactions with each other and with our clients.