What TEN7 believes and values

There are many accounts of how Simon Sinek’s TED talk inspired leaders to focus on why people do the things they do. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” While it’s true that his talk resonated with me, it was only one of the circumstances in a perfect storm that led us to discover what we believe, the guiding principles and values we stand for, memorializing and living them.

By working together, we accomplish incredible things

In the summer of 2015 we spent a significant amount of time talking about who we are. We completed personality profiles, asked our clients to participate in customer satisfaction surveys and worked with the incredible folk from Employee Strategies trying to figure it all out. It was precipitated by some internal conflict and a particularly bad experience with a client: the summer of teenage angst. We discovered that collaboration is vital, and that collective success trumps individual success. When we work together – whether with a fellow developer or with the client – we do so to accomplish the incredible, for joint benefit.

We value honesty, mindfulness, sharing and speaking plainly

We embrace these four values, and they mean something special to us. They define our “line in the sand”. They contribute to our being an effective, focused team.


We speak the truth even when it is bad news. We say things like “I can’t” or “I don’t know” when we can’t or don’t know how. We never, ever keep things to ourselves, and we don’t lie. We don’t promise things we know we can’t deliver on.


We are aware of our actions and how they affect our teammates, our clients and our communities. We are mindful of our clients’ needs for quality and for timely results. We are mindful that each of us has something to contribute. We don’t ignore the needs of our teammates, our clients or our communities. We don’t miss deadlines or quality requirements.


We share. We are altruists at heart. We share our expertise, our processes and our experiences for the benefit of our clients and community. We do so without expectation. We don’t hoard our knowledge and experience. We don’t create proprietary software or processes. We don’t use restrictive licensing. We contribute.

Speaking plainly

We build trust by being patient translators and putting ourselves in others’ shoes. We help others understand what they want and need to understand for their business. We aren’t condescending and we don’t get upset when clients ask questions or don’t understand. We will tell you when we don’t think we are able to help you solve a problem.

We’re all professionals

When we observe behavior that just doesn’t meet our guiding principles, we are all empowered to say something, whether it’s in person, via email or more commonly, in Slack. It’s important to point things out kindly, and as close to when the behavior happened as possible. We really want a healthy discourse, reinforcing behavior that is considered above the line, and discouraging behavior below it.

TEN7 team around the table

Our golden circle

TEN7's Golden Circle

Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

TEN7 is a web strategy firm that specializes in Drupal – that’s what we do. Our guiding principles are honesty, mindfulness, sharing and speaking plainly – it’s how we deliver our final product. We believe that by working together, we can achieve the incredible. And that’s why we do it.

Ivan Stegic

Ivan Stegic

Words that describe Ivan: Relentlessly optimistic. Kind. Equally concerned with client and employee happiness. Physicist. Ethical. Lighthearted and cheerful. Finds joy in the technical stuff. Inspiring. Loyal. Hires smart, curious and kind employees who want to create more good in the world.