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This month, the TEN7 Podcast is trying something new. Rather than sticking to our usual pattern of coming to you “every fortnight” with a discussion about technology, business and the humans that make it all interesting, we’re launching a special podcast series rolling out weekly, taking an in-depth look at the United States criminal justice system.

This new series, Meeting the Moment: Using Data to Reduce Mass Incarceration, is a partnership with Recidiviz, a non-profit organization that partners with states to help them use data-driven tools to reform the criminal justice system. I interviewed Recidiviz executive director, Clementine Jacoby, on the podcast last fall. That discussion prompted a desire to take an even more in-depth look at this very complex issue.

You may be tempted to ask, “Why is a web development company taking on a complex and controversial topic like criminal justice reform?” The answer is actually quite simple.

If you’ve been following TEN7’s journey you know we recently adopted a new mission statement: Make Things That Matter. Honestly, this podcast series fits our mission perfectly.

At TEN7, we believe in science and in the power of data. One of our core values is Be Mindful. We choose to listen and work hard to hear other’s perspectives and ideas. Working with Recidiviz, we found a partner who shares our values, helping tap into the power of data to make the world a better place. It makes sense to use our collective platforms to shine a light on these issues and how science and data might offer hope for solutions.

Over five weeks we will hear from five different Recidiviz experts discussing topics including:

  • How did the United States become the global leader in mass incarceration?
  • How could data help guide criminal justice reform?
  • How do we overcome built-in biases in criminal justice data?
  • What would a “human centered” criminal justice system look like?
  • What are the signs of hope that we might start moving away from mass incarceration?

In addition, each episode will be grounded by the story of Tarra Simmons, a state legislator in Washington who spent time in prison and has dealt with many of the obstacles that can prevent people from escaping the criminal justice system. Tarra reminds us of the human toll and struggle of mass incarceration. This issue is not just about data, it’s about humanity and hope.

We’re proud to be able to bring you this discussion as we work to Make Things That Matter. We hope you’ll subscribe to our podcast, listen to the series, and share the episodes with others as a way to prompt important conversations about this topic. Maybe by focusing on facts, data and science once again, we can unlock answers and reduce mass incarceration.