Hey, here’s what we heard...

  • You expect us to get back to you quickly
  • You said “often” for updates
  • You’re probably going to ask us for help all the time
  • For hosting, you said “nothing” which is cool!

What’s my annual budget?

You should budget 0,000 per year, that’s 0,000 per month:

  • SLA0,000 per year
  • Updates0,000 per year
  • Requests0,000 per year

Monthly savings

Setup automatic ACH debit from you account and you can save 0,000 per year. Your monthly fee is then 0,000 per month.

What’s next?

  1. Customize the Google Sheet we emailed to you with even more options
  2. Reply to the email we sent to you at [email protected]
  3. Set up a meeting with Ivan, TEN7’s CEO to ask questions.

Build your own Care package

Take the guesswork out of what a support contract costs by playing with these numbers for yourself!

Gif video of someone configuring their own Care package while the price changes in real time

Use the Google Sheet we just shared with you to pick and choose the services you want. These include offsite backups, project management, performance and accessibility monitoring, additional support requests every month, content operations and more.