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After years making small adjustments to their website, the Animal Humane Society (AHS) decided to start fresh to create a more comprehensive site for pet adoption and ownership. TEN7 helped AHS develop a new, compelling site tailored to the interests and needs of animal lovers.

What We Did

The Challenge

For nearly a decade, the Animal Humane Society worked with TEN7 to update and maintain a website that was primarily aimed at encouraging pet adoption. In 2016, they decided they needed something more. They asked TEN7 to start from scratch, creating a new website that could not only improve the adoption experience, but would also serve as a resource for all things related to companion animals.

Our Solution

When the decision was made to create a brand new site, TEN7 started with a complete strategic refresh.  This included analysis of the existing site to understand user needs and behaviors. It also included an expansion of the vision and scope of the website to invite more interaction with both existing and potential pet owners.  

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Upgrade to Drupal 8 with a compelling new user experience

The jump from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 offered an opportunity to simplify the AHS website while also adding new features and functionality to better serve the needs of audiences. 

The upgrade allowed AHS to include more of what pet lovers want, such as photos, videos and shareable content. It also enabled better integration of valuable features such as “Strays In Our Care”, information about spay and neutering clinics, and links to donate and support AHS. The resulting website provides a much better experience for users and is also easier for AHS to manage.

Animal Humane Society web page
Animal Humane Society adoption web page
Animal Humane Society adoption web page
Animal Humane Society medical care web page
Animal Humane Society find a new veterinarian web page
Animal Humane Society training classes

Create a comprehensive pet ownership resource

Rather than just migrating the content from the old site to the new platform, TEN7 worked with AHS on a strategic review, looking at the overall mission of the website. This process led to an expanded focus, going beyond pet adoption to include a wide variety of resources for pet owners.  

By adding more engaging features and content, and expanding the focus beyond pet adoption, AHS was able to significantly increase website traffic. Users visited the site more often and stayed on the site longer. In the year after the new site launched, the website had nearly 4 million views, leading to 10,751 animal adoptions. The site also saw more social media engagement and a significant increase in online donations.

Love from the client

“We wanted the user experience on the site to match the user experience when people come to the shelter. That it would be colorful and emotional and warm and inviting, and that it would give people that same wonderful feeling that they have when they walk in the door and see the puppies and kittens.”

Paul Sorensen
Paul Sorensen
Director of Brand and Communications at Animal Humane Society