Building a Custom Migration in Drupal 8

In the event you're planning a custom migration to Drupal 8, then you need to begin that task right here, right now. Our DevOps Engineer Tess Flynn has created a six-part series on how to successfully execute an auto-generated migration that will help prevent any chronic headaches and replication of existing site mistakes. It's an golden opportunity to revisit and reorganize for a much improved site. 

Part 1 – Getting Started

There's no better time to stop, assess and admit to the many issues with your old site than when you begin the migration process. Preparation for the migration is essential, and knowing how is critical. More...

Part 2 – Tools and Modules

No challenging task can be successfully completed without the correct tools, and in the case of a Drupal 8 migration, the correct modules as well. Have no fear, the list is here. Socketwench lays out the list of tools and modules required for a successful migration. More...

Part 3 – Users and Roles

🐔 or 🥚? That's not a valid issue concerning a custom migration. Most might answer, "Nodes first!" "Not so", says Tess. Start with dependency mapping and avoid unnecessary and repetitive work. More...

Part 4 – Files and Content

File migration. Simple node migration. Hierarchical nature of the migration system. Customizing field mappings. The value of the default-value plugin. That and more in Part 4. More...

Part 5 – Paragraphs

Paragraphs is the new way of Drupal content creation! It allows site builders to make things cleaner, so you can give more editing power to your end-users. Socketwench explains how and why. More...

Part 6 – Custom Source Plugins

Create custom source plugins to filter out the nodes to migrate by the presence of lack of a tag assigned to the content. Content will then work better, putting a smile on your face 😃. More...

Happy Migrating!

Jonathan Freed

Jonathan Freed

TEN7's podcast producer and media manager, Jonathan cares deeply about TEN7's message to the world. He works tirelessly behind the scenes at TEN7 with a myriad of responsibilities, including podcast production, social media assets, video production, and the website management for these efforts. He is an engaged activist, a devoted father and is as likely to go off on a political rant as to tell you a dad joke.