Tess Flynn she/her

Platform Architect
Minneapolis, MN

Tess is TEN7’s Swiss Army knife. She’s an ever-present force in Drupal and a frequent speaker at events, where she's known for comic book-style illustrations in her presentations. Her superpower is problem-solving—she’s always finding ways to improve a site’s infrastructure and efficiency, and she has the rare ability to look holistically at a situation through human requirements, not just those of technology and business.

She also loves sleuthing out the source of hacks, especially the ugly and ingenious ones. Tess has encyclopedic knowledge of horror/sci-fi ranging from schlocky and campy to highbrow. She loves Star Trek, where the engineers use their skills to help people.

I Get It!

There's certainly a visceral thrill in seeing the light come on in somebody's eyes, when they finally understand something. They finally get it. And when they get it, that's just an amazing feeling,  because suddenly they're like, "Oh wow,  I actually get this! I can do this! I can understand how this works! Tell me more."

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In Tess's own words