When I think about our mission at TEN7, perhaps the only thing more fulfilling than working to Make Things That Matter would be to do more. More projects, more clients, more impact, more things that matter. So for the first time, TEN7 is hiring a full time sales and marketing person. I see this role as key in our effort to not only grow -- but to do so in a sustainable way. We're looking for someone who will take a quality over quantity approach to sales, so we can continue to do what we do, on a greater scale.

We have taken pains at TEN7 to create a values and mission-driven culture. Our new Director of Growth will contribute to this goal. This is a salaried position that will help us identify new opportunities while also expanding and leveraging our existing partnerships. We want this position to be an integral part of TEN7. This person will work alongside our talented production team: our developers, our designers, our project managers and our support staff who are already building projects for clients.

TEN7 has grown organically based on word of mouth, referrals, and long-term relationships with our clients. We’ve got a good thing going but we’ve reached the limits of what I can do personally, and so we’re looking for someone to help amplify what we’ve already accomplished. I’m excited about what we’ve achieved and want us to do more of it.

  • Teamwork
    Our Director of Growth will be integrated into our team. They should embrace our team culture and values, understand our skill sets, how we serve customers, and the types of clients that are the best fit. We are all connected to the success of a project, from sales through delivery and on to support.

  • Creativity
    The person we hire will need to do more than search for RFPs and submit proposals. They will look at the landscape creatively, seek new avenues where our services could be valuable and build relationships with new clients. We also want to find deeper ways of working with our existing clients.

  • Sustainability
    Our number one goal is sustainable growth. That means when we pursue new business, we’re really looking for a long-term partnership. We need someone who can connect us with potential clients that are compatible with our values.

I’m confident this role will be appealing to a talented, driven person who's interested in both sales and marketing and wants to be part of something great. We’re offering a stable, competitive salary and excellent benefits. You’ll work in an environment where everyone is committed to Make Things That Matter.

If this resonates with you, or you can think of someone who would be perfect for us, please reach out. It may be the start of a wonderful relationship! Here's our online application at Workable.