Putting Pieces Together - Step By Step

If I’m being perfectly honest, my energy level around our new website has had ups and downs recently. In a way it’s like assembling a 1,000 piece puzzle. At first you’re inspired by the image on the box and the sense of accomplishment that awaits you once you’ve put it together. Then, you dump the pieces on the table and it seems overwhelming. Suddenly you have a hard time sitting down and actually starting the real work.

Over the last few months our team has put together a beautiful design and vision for the new TEN7 site. I’ve loved the collaboration, the creativity, and the way we’re aligning around the end goal. I can’t wait to see the finished product! Now I need to stop pushing the pieces around the table, and start putting them together so we can get there.

I don’t want to imply that nothing has been accomplished in the last month. To the contrary, we’ve made significant progress including:

  • Final sign off on the new site designs for both desktop and mobile
  • The development kick-off, including decisions about which content will be migrated to the new site
  • Work on our first true “style guide” that will go beyond logo use, colors and typography to include guidance for our how our mission and values will play out online and in the real world

This is all exciting and I feel like we now have a complete frame surrounding our work. We’ve connected all the edge pieces of the puzzle and now we have a sense of what needs to be filled in.

As the client in this process, I’ve learned a lot from this phase:

  • It’s OK to take your foot off the gas a little
    I’ve felt bad sometimes thinking that I’m stalling this process on my end. At the same time I think it’s natural and maybe even healthy to pause and recharge. Like me, our clients have a lot on their plates. It’s ok to take a moment, to step away from the mosaic of pieces piled up in front of us, so that when we’re ready, we have the energy — and perspective — to move forward.
  • Momentum is a team effort
    It’s been rewarding to see the way the team we’ve assembled has jumped into the fray and carried things forward. For example, I got to watch Lex, our Director of Development, dive into his phase of the work at our development kickoff meeting and I have to say, it was nothing short of glorious to see him in action from the perspective of a client. This project doesn’t hinge on one person. It relies on everyone doing their part. After all, Be A Team is a core value.
  • Trust is easier when you know everyone genuinely cares
    As I’ve been focused on other work and have stepped back from driving the website forward, it’s been comforting to see just how much the team cares about each of the steps and tasks before us. Nobody is cutting corners or ignoring problems that crop up. I can see them taking pride in getting each piece to fit properly, so their section is ready to go.

I’m again feeling energized by the vision that’s starting to shape up before me. I know the coming weeks and months are going to be both challenging and rewarding as we dive deep into content and the nuts and bolts of developing the site.

We’re entering into a new phase when the pieces start to fall into place more quickly. I can see the big picture. It’s now a matter of addressing each piece properly to pull it all together.