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An issue we care deeply about is diversity and inclusion. We think it’s important to continually talk about it in the Drupal community, in the open source community and even the broader tech community, which all tend to skew very white and male. At TEN7 we always want to put our money where our mouth is, so each month we donate to the Drupal Diversity and Inclusion (DD&I) effort.

The Drupal Diversity & Inclusion (DD&I) Group, founded in 2016, is a completely volunteer collective that works to create space for important discussions about the Drupal community and for initiatives that support historically marginalized communities and further their inclusion in the Drupal project.

“DD&I believes that the Drupal community should be a safe, respectful and inclusive space for all participants. We believe that the Drupal project benefits from a diverse contribution pool and we strive to foster a welcoming and inclusive culture everywhere Drupal exists - at events, online, and in our workplaces.” —

The DD&I is doing good work, and they need to be funded as much as possible. Donating to them is just the right thing to do. There are plenty of technical projects that people are throwing money at, but we’d rather give to human projects than technical ones. As Rob Harr of Sparkbox says, “People Over Projects.” And it’s also part of our philosophy of striving to put more good into the world.

Here are some of the activities of the DD&I:

  • Talks at Drupal conferences about the importance of diversity, like their recent BADCAMP session, “Why Diversity and Inclusion Are Everyone’s Problem.”
  • Offering speaker diversity workshops to help speakers from underrepresented groups prepare to speak at conferences.
  • Running a Drupal apprenticeship program to actively recruit individuals from underrepresented groups by providing them with free tuition for development training, a paid internship, and a full-time job upon completion of the program.
  • They have a #diversity-inclusion Slack channel, where people can discuss pressing issues. For example, when we write job descriptions, we often float them in the DD&I Slack channel for feedback. They also have a weekly meeting in this channel Thursdays at 11 a.m. CST.
  • Helping people develop sessions on diversity & inclusion (contact them on #ddi-session-help)
  • Running several diversity & inclusion projects in that you can contribute to.
  • Many more initiatives!

How You Can Get Involved

On a related note, the Drupal Community Working Group is also offering live, monthly online Code of Conduct enforcement training for Drupal Event organizers and volunteers.