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Meeting the Moment: Using Data to Reimagine Criminal Justice

A five-part series in partnership with Recidiviz

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If you believe good public policy needs to be driven by data, the American criminal justice system should be the cautionary tale to prove your point. Over the last half century, the United States has become the world leader in mass incarceration, while showing no corresponding decreases in serious crime. That fact alone should be a wake up call, but a system that is so massive and entrenched in our society doesn’t change easily. Maybe that’s where data can provide a roadmap for solutions.

Last fall, the TEN7 Podcast featured an interview with the Executive Director of Recidiviz, Clementine Jacoby. Recidiviz is a nonprofit organization partnering with states to help their decision makers use data-driven tools to reform the criminal justice system. In the wake of that conversation, it was apparent there was so much more to talk about, so TEN7 and Recidiviz decided to team up on a special podcast series to take a closer look at these issues.

“Meeting the Moment” explores a variety of angles on criminal justice and mass incarceration.

Mass Incarceration: A Uniquely American Problem


How did we get here? What forces drove the United States to become the world leader in incarceration?


John Tilley
Head of State Engagement 


Published 04/14/2021

Partnering with Government to Improve Criminal Justice Outcomes


How might the government and tech partner to bring about change?  Why hasn’t this happened before now?


Andrew Warren
Head of Product


Published 04/21/2021

Confronting Racism and Bias in Criminal Justice Data


How do we navigate built-in biases of technology as we try to inform criminal justice reform?


Julia Dressel


Published 04/28/2021

The Power of Human-Centered Design in Criminal Justice Reform


How can technology help change culture, and unlock the potential of human-centered reform efforts?


Serena Chang


Published 05/05/2021

Hopeful Signs For Decarceration and Social Justice


Where are the signs of hope that things might get better?


Terin Patel-Wilson


Published 05/12/2021

These topics are explored through discussions with Recidiviz experts. In addition, each episode is grounded by the story of Tarra Simmons, a state legislator in Washington who spent time in prison and has worked hard to overcome the many obstacles that can prevent people from escaping the criminal justice system. Tarra’s voice leads off each episode, reminding us that this issue is not just about data, it is about human lives and it is about hope.

TEN7’s mission is to “Make Things That Matter,” so working with Recidiviz to take a deep dive into this issue falls in line with our values. We hope you’ll subscribe to our podcast, and that this series will help promote the idea that we can create a better world if we return to the truth that facts matter, and committed partners armed with data can help unlock the answers.